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CEO, Founder

Yasir Baffo

Message of the CEO,

Dear esteemed Colleagues, customers and guests, It is such a great honor to stand before you today as we go down the memory lane from our inception to where we are now and where we have set our eyes as far as our future is concerned. It is worth noting that goodwill, clear vision and focusing on our mission as a company, embedded on our core values has been our surest path to success. Since our inception in the year 2012, As your Chief Executive, let me finish by saying that I look forward to working with you with the highest consideration not just for mutual benefit but also to leave you with a smile and joy, and most importantly to deliver beyond your imagination. Thank you!

Over 7 years of unrivaled experience in Somalia

With over 7 years of unrivalled experience in Somalia and Malaysia with Belantara Holidays Company. We organized a range of events and launched over 150 companies, government institutions, both Local and International Organizations with new brands and products
across Somalia. It is our professionalism to do event management with very daintily, from coordination, planning, execution and moderation, we are regarded as the leading event management company in Somalia.

We manage major events across all cities in Somalia.

No matter what your requirement may be, our first priority lies in gaining an in-depth understanding of how your business works